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Coloured ALTERA
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Art Materials

Art Materials
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Art Materials Catalogue - German
Includes product information about
Illustration Boards Marker Paper & Boards (...)
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Illustration Board Samples
Includes samples of Illustration Boards Professional and Student.

Item # IBS4
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Marker Paper & Board Samples
Includes samples of Graffiti Marker Paper, Marker Boards, Marker Boards Professional and Studio (...)
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Paint Boards
Includes samples of Cold Press and Hot Press Watercolour Boards as well Canvas Board.

Item (...)
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Presentation and Backing Board Samples
Includes samples of Ultra-Black and Grey Presentation Baords as well as Self-Adhesive Boards, Pulp (...)
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Altera Foam Board Samples
Includes samples of Altera Foam White, Black, Grey/Black and Acid-Free as well as Altera Fix and (...)
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Altera Coloured Foam Board Samples
Includes samples of Altera Foam Color.

Item # CMFB12/2
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6080 Mountboard Corner Samples
Includes corner samples of 6080 Mountboard (40 colours).

Item # AMS40
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