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Crescent has got the Original!
The best is just good enough for your challenging aesthetic and conservation needs. Optium Museum (...) more >>
Kool Tack™ – NEW pulp board option
Kool Tack is now available in three different substrates: NEW Pulp Board, Smooth White – (...) more >>
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Crescent Europe Product Portfolio

The Crescent Europe range of products has been neatly divided into three simple standards GOOD, BETTER, BEST. We’ve also come up with a simple guide – so that you know which standard of product matches your customer’s artwork:
When should I recommend GOOD backing board?

If your customer brings in open end reproductions, posters, decorative art and general presentations for framing.
When should I recommend BETTER backing board?

If your customers bring in fine art prints, limited editions, valuable documents or photography for framing.
When should I recommend BEST backing board?

If your customers bring in valuable works of original art, rare and antique documents, fine art prints for framing.
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