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Green is for GOOD
The Standard Decorative Matboard collection will slow the speed of ageing to the artwork, for minimum and commended levels of framing and complies with FATG quality standards.

  • Surface, core and backing paper buffered with calcium carbonate to an alkaline reserve of 3-5 %, acid-free, pH 7.7-8.5
  • High bleed and fade resistant decorative facing papers

Crescent Europe’s GOOD range of matboards includes:
Products /Matboard/good


Whitecore BasicsOur range of Whitecore Basics features:
Surfaces: 130+ colours incl. 1 duo board & 3 special (...)
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Whitecore.120Our range of Whitecore.120 features:
Surfaces: 60 standard colours incl. 1 duo board
>> more
Whitecore Vergé Our range of Whitecore Vergé features:
Surfaces: 9 standard colours
>> more
Whitecore Extra ThickOur range of Whitecore Extra Thick features:
Surfaces: 4 standard colours incl. 1 duo board
>> more
Regular.120Our range of Regular.120 matboards features:
Surfaces: 60 colours
Core colour: (...)
>> more
Black Core Our range of Black Core features:
Surfaces: 28 colours incl. 1 special colour
>> more
Black Core ThickOur range of Black Core Thick features:
Surfaces: 3 colours
Core colour: black (...)
>> more
WaveboardsOur range of Waveboards features corrugated wood pulp boards, which are pH neutral and have a grammage (...) >> more
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