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Coloured ALTERA
Altera Foam Color is the latest addition to our wide range of  versatile foam boards. 9 (...) more >>
Kool Tack™ – NEW pulp board option
Kool Tack is now available in three different substrates: NEW Pulp Board, Smooth White – (...) more >>
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Backing Boards

Red is for BETTER
The Conservation Backing Boards collection offers a higher level of protection for conservation level framing and complies with FATG quality standards.

Crescent’s BETTER range of backing boards includes:
Products /Backing Boards/better


Corri-Cor® ConservationCorrugated boards specifically designed for conservaton framing. Made with double corrugated kraft board, (...) >> more
Corri-Cor® ArchivalCorrugated boards specifically developed for framing the most valuable items. The double corrugated boards (...) >> more
Conservation Barrier PaperCrescent Conservation Barrier Paper is manufactured from 100% alpha cellulose. Buffering with calcium (...) >> more
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