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Kool Tack™ – NEW pulp board option
Kool Tack is now available in three different substrates: NEW Pulp Board, Smooth White – (...) more >>
Crescent has got the Original!
The best is just good enough for your challenging aesthetic and conservation needs. Optium Museum (...) more >>
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Blue is for BEST
The Museum Tapes collection offers the highest levels of protection for museum level framing and complies with FATG quality standards.

Crescent’s BEST range of tapes includes:
Products /Tapes/best


Japanese Hinging PaperMake instant Japanese hinges easily. Japanese mulberry paper gives a thin yet strong and supple hinge. (...) >> more
Pure Wheat StarchOur Pure Wheat Starch is a highly purified grade of starch used for traditional museum mounting or artistic (...) >> more
Methyl CelluloseWhen dissolved in water, methyl cellulose powder produces a liquid adhesive, which is neutral pH, non-toxic, (...) >> more
Japanese Paper Assortment - heavy / medium / lightOur Japanese Paper Assortment contains papers in three grades of grammage and is therefore ideally suited (...) >> more
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