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Self-Adhesive Board - permanent adhesive


Wood pulp self-adhesive backing board that features an adhesive on an acrylic base so that the mounted picture will remain permanently fixed. Neutral pH value of 7.0. Very lightweight and rigid. Additionally, good cutting properties make handling very easy. The most favourable alternative for a rapid, economic and easy mounting of pictures. This boards is also suited for displays and presentations.

 Item #
 SAB080  0.8 mm
 80 x 120 cm
 SAB080XL  0.8 mm
 102 x 152 cm
 SAB140  1.4 mm  80 x 120 cm
 SAB140XL  1.4 mm  102 x 152 cm
 SAB180  1.8 mm  80 x 120 cm
 SAB180XL  1.8 mm  102 x 152 cm
 SAB250  2.5 mm
 80 x 120 cm
 SAB250XL  2.5 mm  102 x 152 cm

General note for all self-adhesive boards:
For acclimatisation purposes, please store the artwork together with the self-adhesive board for a few hours, in order to achieve the best mounting results. Chemically treated papers might affect bonding properties of the adhesive board negatively.

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