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Kool Tack™ Drymount Board - Foam White


Kool Tack changes drymounting forever:

  • Kool Tack is the only drymount board that works at 65°C to 70°C
  • Kool Tack works in just 15 to 20 seconds... not minutes
  • Kool Tack reduces the 'orange peel' effect considerably
  • Kool Tack can be removed and reused up to three times
  • Kool Tack is not 'tacky'
  • Kool Tack board is made for drymounting
  • polystyrene core
  • extra smooth paper liners
  • pH neutral
  • acid-free adhesive
  • tougher board more resilient to dents
  • smoother surface
  • more resistant to warping
 Item #
 Thickness  Size
 KT11101-3240  5 mm
 81 x 102 cm
 KT11101-6040  5 mm
 102 x 152 cm



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