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Tru Vue Reflection Control®

Reflection Control®


Tru Vue® Reflection Control® is etched on one side to reduce glare and still offers optimal clarity. Etching reduces glare, but gives a more diffused finish and is therefore not suitable for box frames.


  • 90% light transmission
  • 8% light reflection
  • 45% UV-blocking capacity
 Item#  Thickness  Sizes
 Packed by
 12003240  2.5 mm
 81 x 102 cm
 12003648  2.5 mm   91 x 122 cm

When protection from harmful UV rays is not a concern but the maximum enjoyment of the art without distortion is important, the range of NON-CONSERVATION GLASS from Tru Vue is the number one choice. Tru Vue NON-CONSERVATION GLASS is either coated or etched to give a better clarity to the art. All products listed as NON-CONSERVATION GLASS do not have the TruGuard UV protective coating but a patented process on one or both sides of the glass.

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