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Acid-Free Fome-Cor®

Acid-Free Fome-Cor® 3 mm

Acid-Free Fome-Cor® is the ideal choice for conservation mounting applications. The face papers contain no lignin, ground wood or rosin sizing and are laminated to an inert, extruded polystyrene foam centre. The pH value is 7.5-9.5 and the papers are buffered with a 3-5% alkaline reserve.

 Item #
 11804-3240-C  3 mm  81 x 102 cm
 11804-6040-C  3 mm  102 x 152 cm
 11104-3240-C  5 mm  81 x 102 cm
 11104-6040-C  5 mm  102 x 152 cm

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