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Tru Vue Premium Clean® Glass Cleaner

Spray bottle, 770 ml

The ideal picture framing glass cleaner.

Ammonia-free, soap-free, non-streaking, static-free, ozone friendly. Available in 770 ml trigger spray plastic bottles or 3.8 l refill canisters.

Keep it clean! Most framers have experienced the frustration of completing a framing job only to see a finger print or speck of dirt on the inside of the glass! So here are a few pointers:

  • Always use an ammonia-free cleaner. Tru Vue Premium Clean glass cleaner is an ideal choice.
  • Always use a soft lint-free cloth to clean the glass.
  • Spray your cleaner onto the cloth, not directly onto the glass.
 Item#  Designation   Content
 100-0001  Spray bottle
 770 ml
 100-0003  Refill canister
 3.8 l

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