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Coloured ALTERA
Altera Foam Color is the latest addition to our wide range of  versatile foam boards. 9 (...) more >>
Crescent has got the Original!
The best is just good enough for your challenging aesthetic and conservation needs. Optium Museum (...) more >>
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A picture framing glass helping you see things more clearly

Crescent's new ImageClar AR™ water-white glass provides what you and your customers have always been looking for:

Anti-reflective glass
0.5% light reflection 99% light transmission (...) more >>

Kool Tack™ – changing drymounting forever!

Crescent has ironed out the problems of traditional drymount board.

The facts:
Kool Tack is the only drymount board that works at 65°C to 70°C Kool Tack works in just 15 to 20 (...) more >>

Big is beautiful

Product additions Conservation Duo Boards

Get more with our new oversize Conservation Duo matboards from the BETTER collection:
Size: 102x152 cm 2 thicknesses: 1.5 and 2.5 mm 2 colours: Antique / Ivory and White / Natural
The XL sized boards are ideal for (...) more >>

ALTERA Foam Boards

The Crescent Altera family offers a wide range of versatile products:
3 thicknesses: 3 / 5 / 10 mm 10sizes: A4 to140x300 cm White / black /grey-black Acid-free or self-adhesive Usable on one or both sides
Framers, designers, architects, artists, display creators, (...) more >>

Bevel Tapes to create the perfect mount

The new coloured Bevel Tapes will help ensure you can create the perfect deep bevel in the most popular colours of the deacade, whilst beautifully matching your Crescent top mount.
Self adhesive for simplicity and speed
Creative design options with the 15 most popular colours
(...) more >>

Create It - Mount It - Present It

For over 100 years Crescent has served the art and framing communities and we are now proud to present our official presentation boards range for designers, advertising agencies or everybody working on presentations.

The Crescent Europe range of presentation boards is suited for backing, mounting (...) more >>

Regular.120 offers more

Our new cream core matboard collection offers 20% more as the boards are now available in 81x120 cm. The new size optimises the sheet utilisation and reduces waste for the most popular sizes in 24x30 cm / 30x40 cm / 60x80 cm.
Surfaces: 63 colours Thickness: 1.4 mm Size: 81x120 cm (...) more >>


The new Conservation Suedes matboard range completes our BETTER collection offering elegant framing solutions due to the boards' special look.
Surfaces: 12 colours Thickness: 1.6 mm Size: 81x102 cm (30x40") 100% alpha cellulose conservation quality
(...) more >>

Moulding the future

First there were matboards, backing boards and foam boards

...then there was glass and tapes

...and now Crescent has completed the 'one-stop-shop' concept, with the addition of a comprehensive and all embracing collection of mouldings.
The Crescent brand ensures (...) more >>

More impact with Black Core Thick

Simply beautiful...

We have selected the most popular colours to create a new product line with a deep impact!

After having successfully launched the matboard line Whitecore Extra Thick, we will now launch three thick matboard additions with our new line Black Core Thick. Amongst (...) more >>

Colour Line extends BETTER collection

A touch of colour...

Create unobtrusive colour schemes with our new conservation quality matboards!

As the name says, Colour Line boards feature a coloured line in the middle of the core. Used with a bevel cut or V-groove, they give the necessary but unobtrusive touch of colour (...) more >>

Crescent Europe launches GOOD, BETTER, BEST standards

With a myriad of technical jargon and confusing terminology, Crescent Europe's customers asked the company to come up with an easy to understand message, which is just as easy to explain to your customers. So Crescent Europe is delighted to cut through the confusion and announce the new benchmarks for (...) more >>

Corri-Cor® goes live

Crescent Europe is delighted to unveil the latest revolutionary concept in backing boards - Corri-Cor®. With its unique and gently bowed construction to hold customers' artwork in place, it is lightweight and yet dependably rigid, it is easy to cut and is almost dust-free, it offers GOOD and BETTER (...) more >>

Tapping into tapes

After close consultation with our customers, Crescent Europe concluded that providing a 'one-stop-shop' is clearly a high priority for busy framers. So Crescent Europe is delighted to announce the launch of a complete range of tapes.

Meeting every framing challenge, no matter how sticky, the (...) more >>
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