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News / Kool Tack™ – changing drymounting forever!

Crescent News

Kool Tack™ – changing drymounting forever!

Crescent has ironed out the problems of traditional drymount board.

The facts:
  • Kool Tack is the only drymount board that works at 65°C to 70°C
  • Kool Tack works in just 15 to 20 seconds… not minutes
  • Kool Tack reduces the ‘orange peel‘ effect considerably
  • Kool Tack can be removed and reused up to three times
  • Kool Tack is not ‘tacky‘
  • Kool Tack board is made for drymounting
Available in two different substrates:
  • Acid-Free Board, White – 2.5 mm thickness
  • Foam Board, White – 5 mm thickness
Get a free Kool Tack trial by ordering a sample set of A4 sheets now!

Order our free brochure to find out some more technical information as well as some hints and tips on Kool Tack.


Crescent Kool Tack Pulp Board
Crescent Kool Tack Acid-Free Board
Crescent Kool Tack Foam Board
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