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News / Corri-Cor® goes live

Crescent News

Corri-Cor® goes live

Crescent Europe is delighted to unveil the latest revolutionary concept in backing boards - Corri-Cor®. With its unique and gently bowed construction to hold customers' artwork in place, it is lightweight and yet dependably rigid, it is easy to cut and is almost dust-free, it offers GOOD and BETTER levels of protection and provides outstanding quality at greyboard prices.

And if that isn't enough, three of the six boards in the Corri-Cor® range are water-resistant, making them ideal for use in a kitchen or bathroom destination.

As managing director, Peter Royle, explained: "Backing board often plays 'second fiddle' to matboard, because it is hidden away at the back of the frame and does not have the same aesthetic priority. But with backing board making 100 per cent contact with your customer's artwork, a poor choice of board will result in damage and ageing right across the artwork. I believe a quality framing job, deserves a quality backing board."
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